5 Tips For Better a eCommerce Unbounce Landing Page

5 Tips For Better a eCommerce Unbounce Landing Page

Designing a high converting landing page in Unbounce can be pretty intimidating, especially if you’re not a designer. In this post we’ll talk about what a good eCommerce landing page must deliver to satisfy our customers.

1. Page Speed

Ecommerce websites are actually huge web applications that are very often much slower than your everyday business website. It is because they very often have a huge database of users and items to purchase. All of these items have their own sets of images, brochures and whatnot. When you combine all of these things you get a slow web experience. So our eCommerce users are actually expecting a slow web experience every time they interaction with our web presence. 

This is where Unbonuce comes into play. Unbounce landing pages load extremely fast, because of the built in speed optimization technology. Basically, in the past we relied on expensive and complicated software such as Photoshop to optimize our images for the web, but today we can do it much faster, simply by checking optimize for web in the Unbounce page builder. However, you should double check if your images are already optimized before they are uploaded onto Unbounce. Because if you optimize them two times, you might end up having a bad quality image.

2. Awesome Mobile Experience

More than 50% of users are on mobile. So basically designing for mobile is more important than designing for desktop. For techies this fact might seem somewhat hard to accept, because they sit in front of their computers all day. But an average user uses a mobile phone more than  their computers. 

Unbounce has a great support for mobile, however, I want to address the difference between just making your content fluid and breaking it down into one column on mobile and actually designing a proper mobile experience. On mobile, you might want to hide unnecessary information. There’s just not enough screen real estaete for it. So designing mobile first means organizing your information so that there’s no clutter. Show the most important stuff, hide the rest, show it on desktop versions of your pages. 

3. Above the Fold

Make your offer understandable above the fold both on mobile and desktop. That way users can just come to the landing page, read your unique value proposition and complete the call to action, without scrolling down. You might be surprised by how many users actually want what you’re selling.

4. Click To Call

Even if only a small percent of your leads are going to call you ( and there’s a chance that the percentage is not so small ) you should include your phone numbers and make them clickable. The main reason is that speaking with someone is just much more emotional and will probably increase repeat customers. People often remember their phone calls long into the future. 

5. Sticky Footers

Why sticky footers and not sticky headers anymore? It’s actually super simple. On mobile users use their thumbs to tap the screen. So it’s more convenient to have a sticky footer a call to action button than a header, it’s just closer to your thumbs!


eCommerce landing pages are often selling the product, not really trying to capture customer information. When in shopping mode users want to get warmed up before the big bang. Just make sure to allow them to execute easily once they are ready to buy!

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