Resources For Junior Freelance Front End UI UX Developers

Resources for junior freelance front-end UI/UX developers

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I’ve been in a shoes of a junior freelance developer and I craved the right resources for junior freelance front-end UI/UX developers. Everyone learns in a different way and I found which one works for me. I always look for my teacher to be intriguing. For this post I will mainly focus on resources that can help a junior developer if his interests are: front-end development, web design, user interface and user experience design. As a bonus we’ll include few resources about game design ( I made a game with my friend, check it out here ). I must mention that I’m not affiliated with the creators of courses or other materials I will mention, I’m sharing resources I found useful as a thank you for them. This post is also about autodidacticism, or self-education, a habit that all great developers share.

Front-end development

Front end development is basically HTML, CSS and Javascript. So these are the topics everyone should learn. As these technologies constantly evolve, one should not be afraid of not knowing anything. Learn what you need to know in order to achieve a goal. If your goal is to be able to create websites like this one, you’re in the right place, let’s begin.

WordPress Theme development With Bootstrap

This is a course from Udemy and it costs $12, you can find it here. If you don’t have the funds, there’s always a way to torrent this course if you know how ( piratebay ) but be sure to pay the creator once you’ve earned money coding! Brad Hussey, the creator of the course has said it himself, he doesn’t mind you torrenting the course as long as you learn something. I think this is a great course for beginners because it walks you through the process of creating a real life website that people pay very good money for ( read: few thousand dollars, if you can get the right client, and you should, more on that later ) and he does it in a very friendly and motivating manner. I’ve seen this course more than two times and I still believe there’s a lot to learn from it.

Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More!

Jonas Schmedtmann is a great guy, I love his courses, both the one on sass and the one about Javascript. He also has one about web design too. These courses are great because Jonas is capable of explaining more advanced concepts in an extremely understandable way, if only my computer science teachers at college were half as good as him! Anyway, Advanced CSS and Sass course is a step of from the previous one because it teaches SASS, a css preprocessor that is a de facto standard in the industry nowadays, and it just makes writing css more awesome!

Understanding the Weird Parts

Now comes Javascript, an amazing language that is talked to be a very future of web. In this course, Anthony Alicea explains how JS works under the hood, he shows you diagrams and animations that help you visualize complex concepts and he makes them much easier to swallow. I could really feel how much he loves technology just listening him speak. Once you’re done with Anthony Alicea’s JS course, feel free to check his Angular course if that’s the path you’d like to take. There’s also another great javascript teacher on Udemy, Maximilian Schwarzmüller and his React course is amazing as well.


I love reading, especially about technology! Some of the books I found useful are: Don’t Make Me Think, Influence, CSS Secrets, HTML/CSS, Eloquent JavaScript. Influence is a very important book and every person who wishes to sell something should read it.

Game Development

Making games is a hobby of mine, unfortunately I still haven’t earned much money making games but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Almost everything  I know about game dev I’ve learned from Jesse Freeman, this course especially. Guy’s a genius. Both my friend and I have watched his courses and it resulted in us creating our first game, Trial And Terror which is named after our learning process and failed attempts to create a game.


Web development and design community is huge! Some of my go to bloggers are: Chris Coyier, Sara Soueidan, Lea Verou, Johnatan Snook, Dan Eden.

Additional reading

CSS Tricks – Where Do You Learn HTML & CSS in 2019?


Once you’ve taken all the courses and tutorials, you’ll understand web in a new way. That’s when it’s time for you to create a development/design portfolio, register on all the websites where you can showcase your work and find your first clients. Good luck! Also, read my previous post, How To Freelance as a Junior Developer.

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