Evaluate Your Landing Page User Experience With These Easy Tests

Evaluate Your Landing Page User Experience With These Easy Tests

Poor user experience design is very often the most important reason visitors bounce off your landing page without completing your call to action. Your visitors don’t understand the reasons why their landing page experience is bad, or they don’t appreciate good design, but they can feel it.

Delight is a common  term associated with good web design, and it is becoming a necessity as technology advances.

You want your customers to love using your products and services after all.

User Experience Design

At home, or even in your pocket, you might have products you enjoy using more than others. You just don’t understand what it is but it just feels nice. For example I love love my Bosch hair dryer. I love the colors, shapes and even its sound. Ever wondered why? Because the designer knew the value of good design.

This is very subjective. You might not like this hair dryer as well. But there is a hair dryer for everyone, every audience is different. That’s why you should know who are the visitors of your landing pages. What are their common traits, beliefs and habits? You can learn this using Google analytics, and once you understand them, designing landing pages will be easier.

We’ll now go over five easy tips and tricks you can use to evaluate your landing page user experience.

1. The Five Second Test

In order to make your landing page understandable you want visitors to be able to tell what the page is all about within the first 5 seconds. Headline, it is the first and the biggest text in “above the fold” section of your landing page, it should explain the whole offer as simply as possible. Don’t make the visitors think. Next thing after reading the headline the visitor should be able to know what they should do in order to reach the goal of the landing page. Having a call to action button, or form above the fold, tells your users what they should do. You don’t want them feeling lost at any time.

2. Heat Maps

In order to better understand how your user interfaces are uses you can record user activity. If you don’t want to do it with a live audience Hotjar offers a free online solution. You’d be surprised how many people actually think items on your websites and landing pages are clickable. They click elements expecting something to happen and get disappointed when nothing does. If you find out visitors are clicking elements that are not links, make them links or make them look less like links!

3. A/b testing

Since every audience is different you should continuously learn about your audience by running A/b tests. You want 50% of your landing page traffic to go to one landing page variant where the button color is green and 50% of traffic to go to a variant where button color red. This is just an example but you get the point. Changing images, copywriting, layout and button color can all have a dramatic impact on conversion rates.

4. Run Surveys

Some people actually want to give you feedback. That’s why occasionally you should run a user survey both on your landing pages and on your websites. Ask your visitors if they have any advice how you can improve your web design. Tools like Hotjar can help you very easily set up awesome surveys.

5. Record User Behavior 

Tools like Hotjar offer a free solution that will record your user mouse movement and clicks on your website and landing pages. It is useful to see how much time visitors spends on each section and when do they leave your website. Watching these videos you’ll uncover patterns and be able to build on top of that in order to create a more engaging user experience.


User experience design existed since people were designing stuff, it is not a new concept at all! But innovators look forward, not backwards and they often repeat the same mistakes. It is important to revisit your designing and thoroughly analyse them in order to optimize their performances and make users fall in love with our products and services.

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