6 Essential Landing Page Design Tips To Increase Conversions

6 Essential Landing Page Design Tips To Increase Conversions

1. Less Text Is More Text

You’ve probably heard this one and yes, it sounds paradoxical, but when it comes to web design, especially landing pages, it can drastically increase your conversion rates. So why is less more?

In today’s world a consumer is bombarded with advertising messages, it is estimated an average person is exposed to around 5000 ads per day. Another interesting thing I’ve heard is that the amount of information a user is exposed to during a week equals to the amount of information our great-grandparents were exposed to during their whole life. So less is more because requires less time to understand.

So keep your headings, paragraphs and call to action short but compelling.

2. One Landing Page – One Clickable Action

Probably one of the biggest elements of landing page design is that it is not part of your website. So there’s no top navigation, no links that might take users away from the page and no footer elements. Actually you might have your privacy policy and terms of service links in the footer if your country requires it by law, but when it comes to other buttons on the page, there should really be only one. The call to action.

3. Compelling Story

Are you aware of the plot points behind your landing page copy? If not, you should be. Stories are very powerful. The common landing page story approach is to explain the value of your product or service as quickly as possible in your headline. So after the user understands the value he can get if he decides to buy or leave his contact information to you you should explain the benefits they will be getting if they decide to go with you. After benefits you want to address the features of your product or service. Back it up with some social proof and you got yourself a nice story!

4. Visual Hierarchy 

This comes down to creating a dynamic composition. Not everything on your landing page is of equal importance. Use different size of the elements to attract users attention and guide them along the way. Our eyes are attracted to the biggest elements out there, so we assume these things are pretty important. When it comes to your form or the call to action button ( which often triggers a popup with a form inside of it ) you want to make it bigger than the elements around it. Think of it as a crescendo, the loudest point reached in a gradually increasing “sound”.

5. Media Formats

Web changes, and so do internet speeds, browser capabilities and our computers. We’re able to stream videos in real time, play amazing video games on small screen devices and run most powerful software in our web browsers. If your company invested in videos, photos, interactive components ( such as calculators, questionnaires, quizzes ), add them to your landing pages, or create a landing page that revolves around that one thing only!

6. The Form

Completing the form is probably the main goal of our landing pages, if we don’t want to user to reach out by phone. We ask for the user’s email because we want to include them in our e-mail marketing campaign and send them promotional material. Our users are now leads, people interested in purchasing whatever we’re selling. We will be sending them emails and occasionally calling them to purchase whatever we’re selling and we’ll continue doing that until they say “yes”. That’s when they become customers. When it comes to filling out the forms on our landing pages, the users are lazy. Don’t ask for a lot of information. You really want the email or the phone number anyway.


Landing page design is fun, because landing pages are the most profitable part of your online business strategy, and profit is fun. Users are different and no audience is the same, that’s why we have split tests. When designing our landing pages, we’re not finished once the design is over. It is the beginning of the whole process of conversion rate optimization, a practice invented and adopted by all tech companies: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Zappos…these companies run split test on every user interface, and you should too.

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